Aiming to bring together the stakeholders of real economy’s funding value chain, giving everyone a platform and a chance to speak out their concerns, share their plans, address the industries' most urgent issue, we invite you to join the forthcoming event on Emerging Funding for the Real Economy. Prior to the event, we have invited relevant speakers and participants to share their views on the event's main topics.

Two things Romania should no longer bear: Procrastination and Forbearance

Romania still has to produce sufficient evidence that it’s attractive enough. And it has to do that not only by pointing out that it’s the lesser of the regional evils, but by truly becoming more competitive.

Horia Braun-Erdei, General Manager, ING Investment Management on post-crisis financing in Romania

"Although we are now more than 5 years past the climax of the global financial crisis, its consequences are still very much with us. Moreover, their nature spills over the economic and financial domain, possibly spanning into the social psyche of the wide public."

Five answers to five questions with Cornel Marian, Investment Manager, Oresa Ventures

"The very best companies and entrepreneurs can have access to VC/PE funding to build extraordinary growth and ambitious projects. The other companies need to adapt their strategy and growth ambitions to their capability to fund the investment and working capital needs"


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